Over the years, I've developed a rather large number of projects. Many of them have long since faded into obscurity or oblivion. Some are still on 5¼ inch floppy disks. However, the main idea behind this list is to show you which are active, alive, or interesting (if I'm lucky, all three).

Web Sites and Services

By far the most popular website I have setup is the Pastebin. In existence since 2004, it has gone through a number of complex iterations. It started out as a very simple little project to introduce new code highlighting formats for an IRC channel, and grew into the Internet's second largest and most used Pastebin.

Project List

This is a short list of the projects I am working on or have done in the past.

AX.25 Packet Modem on an Arduino based entirely with software driven audio and radio interfacing.

An automatic power off device for use in mobile or solar applications to prevent overdischarge. This circuit automatically cuts power to its outputs after a predefined voltage threshold is crossed for a certain amount of time. It supports 9 amps of output and two independent outputs.

The RTL-SDR software has a tool called rtl_tcp, which this program connects to and replicates the data and control streams to multiple TCP clients.

You may find other pieces of interest on the various hobbies pages.