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Flight to Jasper-Hinton (CEC4) 2 images 2 videos 30 live photos

One day recently, I thought it would be fun to fly toward the Rocky Mountains to Jasper-Hinton airport (CEC4). I took along Julio for the trip, which took just about 3 hours from start to finish. The weather was forecast to be very nice, with smooth upper winds and very little cloud.

The landing was caught on video, and definitely wasn’t one of my best. The winds had come up and were gusting heavily, all over the runway (for those that fly, 150V250 12G22KT, the runway was 20). We managed to set it down on the runway anyhow.

Mountain Checkout (CYGE) 6 images 6 videos 117 live photos

This flight was my mountain checkout with my local flying club. We left early in the morning and headed out to Golden, BC from Villeneuve, AB. The flight down was flown by another pilot, and I took the return trip back to Villeneuve.

It’s definitely a different way to take a look at some glaciers and mountain peaks.