I began training for my Canadian Private Pilot’s License in October of 2013. I chose to fly with Namao Flying Club near Edmonton, AB. The club provides training and aircraft rentals, plus ground school.

I flew for a while with my training until June of 2014. At that point, work got pretty busy, so I didn’t fly again for another 15 months. My next flight, where I really focused on finishing my training, was September 10th, 2015.

From there, I flew a few days a week on average, until…

Flight Test & License

I flew the plane there for a few hours.

Me, right after finishing my flight test.

I flew the plane there for a few hours.

I flew my test for the Private Pilot’s License on October 30th, 2015.

And I passed.

I decided to make a list of some of my flight photos, so here it is:

Flight to Jasper-Hinton (CEC4) 2 images 2 videos 30 live photos

Wetaskiwin Reynolds Museum 7 images 3 videos 13 live photos

COPA Flight 176 Helicopter Ride 1 images 5 videos 15 live photos

Edmonton Airshow - 2016 41 images 41 videos 127 live photos

Wetaskiwin Airshow - 2016 58 images 25 videos 40 live photos

Mountain Checkout (CYGE) 6 images 6 videos 117 live photos

Red Deer and Back 8 live photos

Solo Practice and Landings 8 images 5 videos

First Red Deer Trip 21 images 6 videos

First Flight with Shaun 14 images 3 videos